Khrysti Hill

The lovely Khrysti Hill was born in Mississippi and grew up in Toledo and Columbus Ohio. Khrysti describes herself as not being a girlygirl and used to hang out with the guys. She liked to do sports in school and thats when her amazing body started to develop. As far as she can remember, she has had this body since the 11th grade. She also never ever remembers having a training bra or wearing an A or B sized bra.


You know Khrysti Hill as one of the most recognizable and most under estimated talents in the urban modeling industry to date! Bursting on the scene back in 2006 as ‘Web Girl of the Year’ in King Magazine… Khrysti has been in & out of the field ever since. Following a stint of back to back national publications, party & event hostings all over the country, and the success of her wildly popular website, Ms. Hill is now a familiar staple in the online world of beautiful women.
After a good run she decided to semi-retire to pursue her music passions. Transforming into “Khrys Deyon” for a short period of time only to return to the modeling scene after a successful mixtape release. She was greatly missed and reclaimed her position as one of the baddest in the game with a cover in Show Magazine!
‘I now like to consider my absence from modeling as one of the best time periods of my life! While scary, it shaped me as a woman, and thats something that can’t ever be considered failure. After all, I went out at the top of my game…only to follow my passion. Out of this… A$$ETS was born. I’m grateful for the entire experience!!’ – Khrys
As Khrysti develops the culture of A$$ETS appare,l she will continue to grace the pages of your favorite magazines, showcase her unique sexy tom-boy style, and include her passion for music in everything she does.
Prepare to witness the next run… which may be her best yet!


Khrysti Hill Stats

Birthday: July 24,1984
Stats: 36DD-26-44
Height: 5’4
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Ethnicity: African American

Khrysti Hill Links

Official Site
Business Site

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